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Mixed Vegetables

Mixed Vegetables

A side dish of different vegetables: green beans, carrot and onion.

Available as

1 portion
total energy 150 kcal (628 kJ)
net weight 50 g
Storage life 48 months
Preparation 1. Open pouch at tear notch. Unfold bottom. Remove "oxygen absorber". 2. Add hot water up to line 2 (=0.200 litre). 3. Stir well. 4. Close zipper. Allow to stand for 8 minutes. 5. Stir again. 6. Eat out of the pouch.

Nutrition value/100 g

energy 295 kcal (1233 kJ)
fat 2.2 g (saturated: 0.5 g)
carbohydrates 50.8 g (sugar: 26.3 g)
protein 15.2 g
salt 0.2 g
fibres 23.7 g


38% carrot, 36% green beans, 26% onion


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